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gen2 sabo sight

Gen2 SABO Sight

This is the improved SABO GEN2 4-dot holographic bow sight. The GEN2 SABO employs the same US military technology for rapid target acquisition, but with the addition of a fourth dot. The 4 superimposed dots are generated by ambient light gathered through fiber optics without the use of electronics.

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Hip Bone Tactical Bow Holder

The HIP BONE is a very effective way to stabilize your bow with easy bow access from the hip. Utilizing a quick-attach ball and socket, the Hip Bone is compatible with all bows and keeps your hands free for use with optics and stalking. Equally effective for use during hunting or tournament shooting.

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Delta Rail

The world's first tactical stabilizer, the Delta Rail, reduces vibration with added dampening in the low frequency range. The picatinny tactical rails adjust laterally to compensate for the torquing of the bow at partial and full draw allowing accessories to stay aligned with the target instead of moving off to the side.

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the operator


The Operator allows users to add accessory rails to their bow and use their desired stabilizer. The Operator universal mounting adapter fits neatly between your riser and your stabilizer and is the first product of its kind.

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Tactical Archery Systems...kills the competition

Tactical Archery Systems is a company dedicated to providing high quality advanced products to make you a better archer and hunter. We strive continuously to improve your tactical abilities in the field. Through testing all of our products under the most rugged conditions, we make sure that they perform under all circumstances.

Quality and innovation are our primary goals. We are not a “me too” company. You will notice that all of our products are unique. That’s because we are bowhunters too. Everything we design is to improve shooting and hunting abilities beyond the existing industry standards.

If you’re impressed by what you see, just wait, there’s much more to come. It’s time to get TACTICAL!!

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